The Outside Game: Chordale Booker is Mr. Get It Done

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The end of the road isn’t in sight for Booker, but then that’s not really what he wants anyway. Asked the question posed to every fighter who ever lived, from Ali to Sugar Ray to Dempsey to Marciano, the question that scribes and pugilism pundits will attribute hours of analysis and page after page of ink to – what’s your style in the ring? – Booker can’t help but laugh.

Because his answer is a simple one. And if you’ve learned anything about Booker, Mr. Get It Done, you should probably know it already.

“I will do whatever I have to do to get it done. So if I gotta chase you to get it done, or you gotta chase me, or it’s gotta be in-between, you know, I’m just gonna do what I have to.”


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